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We are less than a month away from the Formula Student Hybrid+Electric competition this spring in New Hampshire! The team is grinding away every day to help get our 7220 Hunny up and running! We've got lots of exciting developments on the car from last years competitor, and some interesting updates on the club as a whole!

While you may not recognize it, this is still the same winning car from the 2023 competition... sort of. The chassis, suspension, and tires are all being brought over from the previous year, and the similarities stop around there. While the bones are the same, the meat of the car is entirely different, with new batteries, engine, dash board, steering wheel, and a paint job (coming soon...) just to mention a few!

You may have noticed, we now have a WyoMoto Shop! We have had the opportunity to partner with the University of Wyoming store in order to bring you high-quality, comfortable, and stylish ways to support the fastest club on UWs campus! We will be working here in the next few weeks to enable online orders!

Stay tuned on the Wyoming Motorsports blog, we have a dirty secret for you soon...


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