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2023 WM2

Every year our vehicle undergoes substantial changes necessitated by testing and competing to help keep us at the forefront of our field. For the 2023 year, the vehicle was overall improved.


Suspension & Chassis

This past year, the changes to our suspension and chassis were minor. Notable items on the suspension side include a change in rear spring rate as well as ride height to help keep our car optimally sprung. On the chassis side, the car was stripped to a bare frame, new brackets and tabs were welded and the chassis was reassembled.


For the 2023 season, the upgrades and refinements brought to the powertrain was one of our most substantial items. These included: an upgraded mechanical shifter linkage along with a hydraulic pedal clutch to help improve shifting and feel compared the previous cable hand clutch and shifter, a change in gear ratio for the e-motor to increase the torque, upgraded cv joints and axles to reliably manage suspension travel better, and a new dual radiator and fan setup for both motors to increase thermal efficiency. 


Our electrical system also underwent extensive work. This included a complete new wiring harness for all systems to help weed out electrical gremlins as well as a custom dash designed to better display necessary vehicle information.

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