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About Us

We are a group of students from the University of Wyoming who are engaged in the designing and refining of a student formula open-wheel race car. Our goal each year is to compete in the Formula Hybrid+Electric competition, held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway every spring. Our need to redesign and rebuild our car every year creates an exciting environment where members get hand-on experience in engineering, project management, teamwork, and leadership, all in relatively low-risk environment.


As a Formula Hybrid team, we're excited each year to get the car to the competition and to continue to put UW into the radar of future employers, students, and competitors! Excellence is the foundation of our team and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s our management and finances or the best way to design and build our vehicle. Being involved in a highly a competitive competition which draws some of the nations highest-level students as well as schools fuels our strive for excellence. 

Projects such as ours have been attempted before at the University of Wyoming, but only under senior design. While our team will facilitate senior design teams and their innovation, we will always have a strong group of underclassmen ready and willing to learn and take the reigns. Because of this ever growing group, Wyoming Motorsports will exist for years to come, offering incoming students inspiration and will provide higher level students a place for growth and an outlet for their passions.

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