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2023/24 Team

Dax Jones has been with the team for several years and has primarily served in business positions. Dax is a senior and is studying Construction Management.

Riley Milburn has served previously in engineering and social media capacities but is well prepared for business. Riley is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering.

Taylor Levistad has previously served as powertrains and chassis team leads and is well versed in the car's mechanical systems. Taylor is currently a Junior in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian Goar has been working with the electrical systems in the car since he joined and has implemented substantial electrical changes. Brian is a sophomore studying Computer Science.

Joshua Gardener is a relatively new addition to the team, however he is quickly proving his worth. Josh is a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering.

Julian Amundson has been with the team since freshmen year and is ready to tackle another year. Julian is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering.

Griffin Willard has been helpful and willing to learn at every step. Griffin is a Junior in environmental natural resources as well as environmental system science.

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